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Mark Luther and Attorney Peter Nickitas after settling a police brutality case in Federal Court.

“I want to thank you so much for taking my case, and all the hard work and everything you did to fight for my justice in this situation. You are a very nice, dedicated man and you were a blessing to me.”

C.L. Minneapolis, MN

“Mark has been our corporate attorney for twenty years. His work is prompt, efficient, and on par with any other lawyer in the Twin Cities”
DM, President of Eden Prairie corporation

“Mark Luther has been our family attorney for nearly 30 years. I am always confident that the legal advice I receive from Mark is excellent and I am glad to have him on our team. I recommend his services without reservation to friends, and acquaintances knowing they will have the best representation possible”
CP, Excelsior, MN

“Over the past 20 years I have engaged Mark Luther to represent me and our CPA firm in varied legal matters. My daughter, CP, was bitten by a neighborhood dog and Mark, after several days of trial, was able to get a landmark decision in favor of my daughter. He also handled my divorce and was able to convince the court that I be given legal and physical custody of my four (4) children. Mark was also able to successfully reduce a serious traffic violation for my son, NP. I have referred many of my CPA clients that have had legal contract issues, employment issues, and incorporation issues. My clients were always pleased with Mark’s positive results in every case. Mark is a rare attorney, with extreme integrity, fair on fees, best value for the dollar and I will continue on with our relationship.”
JNP, CPA, St. Paul, MN.


” As a small rep firm we live and die by our agreements. A couple of years ago a manufacturer was going to “go direct” and hire their own sales staff due to our rapid success in getting them placed in retail. Mark said “Not so quick!” He knew Minnesota law protected us in cases just like this. Instead of being given a 30 day notice, he made sure our agreement was carried out for the entire term left, an additional six months. This resulted in additional income to our company of over $400,000.00. Mark was confident, he was bold in his communication with the manufacturer, and he quickly brought our case to a close, without any court or legal intervention. Bigger is not always better. We know our legal business really matters to Mark. He has been a great advocate for us, and the results of his work on our behalf bear that out”
DA, Manufacturers Rep

“Mark, your fair and honest legal services were invaluable to my family. We felt confident in your professionalism and integrity. We had expected to pay much more in legal fees than what you charged-a testimony to your fair pricing. Thank you, Mark. We’d recommend you to friends and family without reservation.”
DC, St. Louis Park, MN

“From my experience with having Mark Luther as my lawyer he has always gone an “extra mile” to help me and is a very kind, caring attorney. No other lawyer would take my case; Mark handled my divorce and I received good representation.”
RB, Hinckley, MN

“As a business owner, I never imagined I would need outside help. When I had a customer that broke a contract I turned to Mark. I was really bummed the customer was a nice guy, but he backed me into a corner. So when I was terminated even though I have a legal contract, I told Mark “I hate to do this.So try to win, yet preserve the relationship.”  I won my case and two years later my customer called me back. He wound up staying with me for another 20 years. Mark’s approach was so professional that I literally sued someone and still kept the relationship. You also might be interested to know that in the 20 years I have used Mark I never asked about costs because I knew they would be fair.”
MB, Plymouth, MN